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Impyla - cursor/connection methods availability

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I am trying to get some documentation on what cursor/connection object methods are available in impyla?


It does implement  DB API 2.0 (PEP 249), but some of the methods like rowcount, messages, errorhandler are optional in when implementing DB API. Were any optional DB API Entensions included in Impyla?


If not, is there any documentation on what is available?


Also - can someone please advice on how to capture the logs when using impyla??

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Re: Impyla - cursor/connection methods availability

I took a quick look at the Impyla code and rowcount() always returns -1 and the other two methods you mention are not implemented:


At the moment Impyla isn't officially part of CDH - it was developed by one of our data scientists and open sourced for the benefit of the community - all of the documentation and so on is just in that github repo.