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Kudu increment update support


Dose Kudu support  increment update?


For example, we have a table with two field, browser and visit count :

borwser   visitCount

firfox        10


And then, we got a new visit from firfox, the table will be update to:

borwser   visitCount

firfox        11


we want to do this update by increment operation, ranther then read the visitCount, add one and write it back.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Kudu increment update support



Kudu currently doesn't support atomic increments or any kind of operation that reads a value and makes a decision based on that value with the guarantee that it won't change.





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Re: Kudu increment update support

Hi, We also found Increment as a very useful operation in production. It can reduce row number. So why increment is not supported, is it on the plan?
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Re: Kudu increment update support

I think it is just because how Kudu is implemented. The visit count is not the primary key of the table. Nor the browser column. For atomic incrementing you have to have the data in one location on one server.