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Strange UDF signature error according to Impala daemon used



I have a working (for some months) Java UDF for Impala. The CDH cluster I am working has 4 Impala Daemons. Today, this UDF behaved very strange after a DROP & CREATE:


1. From HUE (Impala) the CREATE FUNCTION succeeded and SHOW FUNCTIONS reported the right signature.

2. Then, from impala-shell I tried call the function but I got an ImpalaRuntimeException:


select phoneme_index("test","test","test","test",true);

ImpalaRuntimeException: Unable to find evaluate function with the correct signature: my.UDF.PhonemesIndex.evaluate(STRING, STRING, STRING, STRING, BOOLEAN)
UDF contains:
    public java.lang.Double


3. Then, I logged in Hue and tested the same SQL query, which returned "1" as expected.


After several tries, I finally figured that if I connect with impala-shell -i to a different daemon, the function works as expected!


Any ideas why is this happening? It is the first time I am coming across with such an issue.

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Re: Strange UDF signature error according to Impala daemon used



What version of Impala are you using?

Are all impalad's configured as both executors and coordinators or are some configured as only coordinators or only executors?