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Failing HDFS Standby NameNode HA and get HDFS Checkpoint error

Hi, I'm new in hadoop.


I got this situation useing CDH 5.9, my standby Namenode host is failing, it could be a hardware issue and Data Center team still handling that issue, and I got this error message in my hadoop cluster.


The filesystem checkpoint is 1 day(s), 16 hour(s), 56 minute(s) old. This is 4,093.42% of the configured checkpoint period of 1 hour(s). Critical threshold: 400.00%. 13,963,493 transactions have occurred since the last filesystem checkpoint. This is 1,396.35% of the configured checkpoint transaction target of 1,000,000. Critical threshold: 400.00%.


What I need to do to solve this issue safely? Do I Need to disable the HA ?