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How to balance block placement on uneven racks?

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Let's say you have two racks, one with 18 nodes and one with 6 nodes.

If most of your work is done from a specific node on rack one, then 2/3rds of the blocks in your cluster would

go to the 2nd rack.


What is the best solution for keeping these two racks balanced?


I think one option is to change the rack topology to think you only have 1 rack.

You would lose the certainty that at least 1 block would make it to the 2nd rack though.

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Re: How to balance block placement on uneven racks?

If anyone is curious about a solution to this.

Unless you have two or more racks that have the same number of nodes, the solution is to not use a rack topology script

or bypass it by assigning all nodes to one rack. 

The only downside is that you run the risk of having missing blocks/data if one of your racks were to get smashed by a truck, 

vaporized, beamed into outer-space, melts, <insert catastrophic event that only affects one rack here>, etc.


2 racks uneven, rack topology should be 1 rack

2 racks even, rack topology should be 2 racks

2 racks even, 1 rack not eve, rack topology should be 2 racks with the 3rd rack split between rack 1 and rack 2.