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Unable to move data to a S3 bucket using last CDH (5.14.0)



I am trying to move data from HDFS to a S3 bucket. I am using last version of CM/CDH (5.14.0). I have been able to copy data using the tool aws:


aws s3api put-object

And also with the python SDK but I cannot copy data with hadoop distcp. I have added the following extra properties to core-site.xml in HDFS service.




Nothing happens when I execute a command like

hadoop distcp /blablabla s3a://bucket-name/

but it hangs for a while (I guess is trying several times). Same thing when I try to just list files in the bucket with


hadoop fs -ls s3a://bucket-name

I am sure it is not a credentials problem since I can connect using the same access and secret key with the python SKD and aws tool.


Anyone facing a similar issue? Thanks!

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Re: Unable to move data to a S3 bucket using last CDH (5.14.0)

Distcp can take some time to complete depending on your source data.


One thing to try would be to list a public bucket.  I believe if you have no credentials set you'll see an error, but if you have any valid credentials you should be able to list it:


hadoop fs -ls s3a://landsat-pds/


Also make sure you've deployed your client configs in Cloudera Manager (CM).