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Unprintable character using webHdfs append


I'm facing with a problem using append command from webHdfs. 


I run the command 


http://<namenode>:50070/webhdfs/v1/<destination on hdfs>?op=APPEND&<user>&buffersize=1024


Suppose that the file on HDFS is 


222298388|   42704|       6966|       -1


and I want to append a second row


222298389|   42704|       6966|       -1


The data are passed like argument to the web request in array of byte format. Everything looks fine, but there is an unprintable character put in front of the line appended (here I converted this in ?)


222298388|   42704|       6966|       -1 
?222298389| 42704| 6966| -1

 and this is annoying. 


I'm sure that the second row doesn't have that unprintable character before that I run the append command, so that character appears only on Hdfs data.


Does anyone knows how to resolve this problem?