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fsimage NFS backup with HDFS HA QJM

Is it still recommended to add a NFS mount to for off node fsimage backups if using HDFS HA with QJM?




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Re: fsimage NFS backup with HDFS HA QJM

This is not really required in a HA setup, since you already have two
independent fsimage copies being made at 2x NNs.

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Re: fsimage NFS backup with HDFS HA QJM

Hello, harsh.


I have a question about this subject. ( I know this is pretty old issue ... )


I'm using namenode HA(QJM). And for more redundancy, I set "" to multiple directories and one of them is a nfs mounted on other server( especially on master node ).


But in this post and on the Cloudera's deploying guide site( ), they say "If you are using HA, you should not configure these directories on an NFS mount".


Why Cloudera says that?

Is it just "no more required" NFS under HA? 

or Is there any potential problem using NFS directory under HA?