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how to get Readable result in Hbase shell

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hbase(main):023:0> scan 'test:test'
ROW                                   COLUMN+CELL                                                                                               
 11                                   column=cf:name, timestamp=1548146515498, value=1111111                                                    
 111                                  column=cf:name, timestamp=1543544919345, value=111                                                        
 CDH5.10.2                            column=cf:name, timestamp=1545118090526, value=this is a test                                             
 \xE6\x88\x91                         column=cf:name, timestamp=1548144898631, value=1111  


as you can see, "\xE6\x88\x91" is not readable, it seems it's hex mode ,  who can tell me  how to do get this value readable  ?