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no master to stop because no pid file /var/run/hbase/

hbase is not getting created, PID for other daemons is generated properly
ERROR: no master to stop because no pid file /var/run/hbase/


PID files for other hbase daemons:


When i run any command inside hbase shell it give error: Can't get master address from ZooKeeper; znode data == null

However I am able to open zookeeper-client shell/prompt.


Could you please tell me why hbase master pid file is not getting created?
Can I manually create it and put the PID inside? If Yes, what is the PID for hbase-master?



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Re: no master to stop because no pid file /var/run/hbase/

It appears that your HMaster is crashing out during startup. Take a look at the HMaster log file under /var/log/hbase/ to investigate why.

If you are able to run the configured ZK properly, check if the /hbase znode appears on it.