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Move to Trash option in HUE not enabled

Using Hue™ 4.1 on CDH 5.16 I only see the Delete Forever button in File Browser but not the Move to Trash even though Use Trash is enabled in HDFS configuration. How to enable this in HUE?

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Re: Move to Trash option in HUE not enabled

Hi @ebeb,


After reading through some Jira's, I see that there has been a fundamental feature change where Hue does not automatically create the .Trash directory.
This behavior seemed to start in CDH 5.14 that Hue no longer automatically creates .Trash directory. There was an internal bug filed for it and the bug was fixed in CDH 6.1.


Two options for you:

1) Upgrade to CDH 6.1

2) If you can not upgrade to CDH 6.1 at this moment, you can use below workaround:

You can manually create the .Trash directory in the user's home directory. Once this directory is created and the Hue File Browser page is refreshed, you will be able to see the "Move to Trash" option again.


Thanks and hope this helps,


Li Wang, Technical Resolution Manager

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