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Auto renew keytab after "renew until"

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Doesn't find similar threads (most of threads found through search looks like configuring kerberos) , so posting my question here.


I have a Spark batch job (doesn't run in cluster forever) and now it can be submitted to run in Yarn + Spark cluster without a problem.  Also I can extend by `kinit -R` for extending Expires time, preventing from failure in next submit (by extending Expires date).


However there is one issue left. When checking with `klist`, there is renew until section showing the ticket will be expired after 7 days. While reading some docs, I notice renew can only be executed before that date is reached i.e. after reaching renew until date, `kinit -R` will no longer work (If I understand it correctly).


Therefore my question is - generally what is recommended to auto renew ticket even after passing renew until date? Although I can manual reissue the ticket but it's not a long term solution as we will have many similar jobs, and we don't won't to maintain scripts performing manual renew issue ticket operations.


Appreciate any suggestions, thanks!