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CDH versions compatibility with HBase and Spark

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Hello Guys,


I was going through the product compatibility matrix for cloudera and spark @


Can you please help me understand why older spark versions are not supported in CDH 5.3.x release is it just because it ships with the said version or is there some other issues with it?


Also it'd be great if you can shed some light on the release cycle of CDH i.e. when is the next version coming up and will it support HBase 1.0.0


Product Supported Cloudera Manager version Supported CDH version Lowest supported Impala version Lowest supported Search version Integrated into CDH

Apache Spark 1.2.x Cloudera Manager 5.3.x CDH 5.3.x Not Supported Not Supported CDH 5.3.0
Apache Spark 1.1.x Cloudera Manager 5.2.x CDH 5.2.x Not Supported Not Supported CDH 5.2.0
Apache Spark 1.0.x Cloudera Manager 5.1.x CDH 5.1.x Not Supported Not Supported CDH 5.1.0
Apache Spark 0.9.x Cloudera Manager 5.0.x CDH 5.0.x Not Supported Not Supported CDH 5.0.0