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CDS Spark2.2 Release 3

Hi, we found that CDS 2.2 release 3 is created which has a fix for a bug we are interested in (SPARK-22306). But we cannot fidn the parcels and archives for download anywhere. is a page that doesnot exist :(

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Re: CDS Spark2.2 Release 3

Thanks for reporting 404 for that parcel URL, apologies for the inconvenience caused.


However, I can see that the mentioned JIRA (SPARK-22306) fix is present in below CDS releases :



So feel free to use below link to download the CDS 2.3 release 3 parcels in the meantime:


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Re: CDS Spark2.2 Release 3

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Is there any way to use the CDS 2.2 Release 3 version right now ?

I can see that the needed jars and parcels are not present. 


The mentioned JIRA for spark is not valid for Spark 2.3 anyway. 



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Re: CDS Spark2.2 Release 3

Hi, @Utkarsh. CDS 2.2r3 has not been released yet. If you need a fix for SPARK-22306, is there a reason you cannot use CDS 2.3, which does not have the problem?