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Spark 2 - attemptFailuresValidityInterval issue

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We are running a spark-submit with options:

--deploy-mode cluster

--conf "spark.yarn.maxAppAttempts=3"
--conf ""



and our application throws intentionally an exception after 70 seconds on the driver, in order to cause a manual failure.


We expected our application, with these parameters, to run forever, because the attemptFailuresValidityInterval should reset the maxAppAttempts counter sooner than the custom exception. But after 3 failures the application stops.


Our installation:

- SPARK2-2.1.0.cloudera2
- CDH 5.11


Any ideas are more than welcome!

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Re: Spark 2 - attemptFailuresValidityInterval issue

Sorry, this is a bug described in SPARK-22876 which suggests that the current logic of is flawed.

While the jira is still being worked on, looking at the comments, I don't foresee a fix anytime soon.