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Spark History Logs Are Not Enabled with Oozie Spark Action

I am trying to follow this instructions to enable history logs with Spark Oozie action.

To ensure that your Spark job shows up in the Spark History Server, make sure to specify these three Spark configuration properties either in spark-opts with --conf or from oozie.service.SparkConfigurationService.spark.configurations

1. spark.yarn.historyServer.address=http://SPH-HOST:18088
2. spark.eventLog.dir=hdfs://NN:8020/user/spark/applicationHistory
3. spark.eventLog.enabled=true

Workflow defintion looks like this:

<action name="spark-9e7c">
<spark xmlns="uri:oozie:spark-action:0.1">
<name>Correlation Engine</name>
<class>Main Class</class>
<jar>hdfs://<MACHINE IP>:8020/USER JAR</jar>
<spark-opts> --conf spark.eventLog.dir=<MACHINE IP>:8020/user/spark/applicationHistory --conf spark.eventLog.enabled=true --conf spark.yarn.historyServer.address=<MACHINE IP>:18088/</spark-opts>
<ok to="email-f5d5"/>
<error to="email-a687"/>

When I test from a shell script history logs are logged correctly but with Oozie actions logs are not logged correctly. I have set all the three propeties.