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scala error "akka.remote.transport.netty.NettyTransport$$anonfun$associate$1$$anon$2: Connection"

Hello Team,


I am facing error while running the scala code over spark shell that the result info is not dispaying over spark master web console .

At list we should get the info in completed or failed tab.I belive the code is fine as i ran the test code "word count".

Please find the attached error info below  and do the need ful .


Error :


ERROR remote.EndpointWriter: AssociationError [akka.tcp://sparkWorker@*.*.*.*:7078] -> [akka.tcp://sparkMaster@quickstart.cloudera:7077]: Error [Association failed with [akka.tcp://sparkMaster@quickstart.cloudera:7077]] [
akka.remote.EndpointAssociationException: Association failed with [akka.tcp://sparkMaster@quickstart.cloudera:7077]
Caused by: akka.remote.transport.netty.NettyTransport$$anonfun$associate$1$$anon$2: Connection refused: quickstart.cloudera/


Please have a look on it as a priority manner .