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Cloudera Enable Jobtracker HA, Error show up,HELP


server error。 Send fellow message to Cloudera。
version: Cloudera Standard 4.6.3 (#192 built by jenkins on 20130812-1221 git: fa61cf8559fbefeb5af7f223fd02164d1a0adfdb)
java.lang.IllegalStateException:Non-base role config group of type JOBTRACKER found!
at line 149
in checkState()

stack thread: line 149
in checkState() line 335
in com.cloudera.cmf.model.DbConfigRevision getSingleRoleConfigGroup()
line -1
in sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor975 invoke() line 25
in sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl invoke() line 597
in java.lang.reflect.Method invoke()

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Re: Cloudera Enable Jobtracker HA, Error show up,HELP

Can you please also post a screenshot of the page at CM -> MapReduce -> Configuration (Drop down) -> (Select from Drop down) Role Groups?

Perhaps the JobTracker is using a non-default Role Group. If this is so, please set it to use the default group again. Docs on role groups can be found at