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Education - building Oozie

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Hi community,


I try to build Cloudera Oozie 5 from the Apache web site for educational purpose against Hadoop 3.


Every time I run the command with parameters like "-Dhadoop.version=3.0.0" the build failed on Oozie Core.


So I'm trying the first option to add the hadoop jars :

1. At install time, copy the hadoop and hcatalog libraries to libext and run to setup Oozie. This is
suitable when same oozie package needs to be used in multiple set-ups with different hadoop/hcatalog versions.


Could you please explain how it works in such last case ? Or could you give me a way that works to build Oozie with Hadoop 3 ? Thanks

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Re: Education - building Oozie

Here's what I do to build Apache Oozie 5.x from CDH6 (6.0.0) via sources:



~> git clone
~> cd oozie/ && git checkout cdh6.0.0
~> bin/ -DskipTests -Puber
… (takes ~15+ minutes if building for the first time) …
~> ls -lh distro/target/
# Look for oozie-5.0.0-cdh6.0.0-distro.tar.gz