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Limit Available Action Nodes in Oozie Workflow Editor in HUE

CDH 5.10


Is there a way to customize which Action Nodes are displayed in the Oozie Workflow Editor in HUE?


For example, say I don't want a user to be able to select the ssh action, or see it there at all.

I couldn't find any reference to this in the docs.


The closest thing that appears to be relevant is in the Oozie Dashboard -> Oozie -> gauges

It has a value "configuration.action.types" that appear to list action nodes, except it has more listed than what is actually showing up on the editor; I am logged in as a super user when viewing this.


If that is the correct property, how do i modify it (preferably through CDH or Hue)?



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Re: Limit Available Action Nodes in Oozie Workflow Editor in HUE

Hue's access permission model does not yet allow you to control action types - just the Oozie app on the whole. This would be a feature request if you're looking to control this at a specific user/group level. You can log a JIRA with your desired use-case in detail at

If you're instead looking to ban the whole action, you can reconfigure Oozie Server's oozie-site.xml to override the default list of 'extra' action executors: The action type icons may still appear on the Hue UI but running them would fail.