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Oozie Coordinater EL function error E1004

Hi Guys,


I've been fighting an error for a while now trying to submit an oozie scheduler with Hue.


Forewarning, I have very restricted access to Hue so cannot access the logs or any of the generated XML.


I have an Oozie schedule that has an input path parameter with value: 

${coord:formatTime(coord:nominalTime(), 'yyMMdd')}

Whenever I submit this (and every other possible combination of EL functions) i receive the following error:


Error submitting coordinator gz_coord: E1004: Expression language evaluation error, Unable to evaluate :${coord:formatTime(coord:nominalTime(), 'yyMMdd')}:

I have had no success submiting a scheduler unless I get rid of all coordinator EL functions in the path.


Cheers for any help you can offer!



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Re: Oozie Coordinater EL function error E1004

It appears we had a network error and a post that I'd assumed hasn't submitted had silently, apologies for the duplicate

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