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Oozie coordinator run action from last to first



Is there any way to materialize actions on coordinator by backwards?


For example, I have a coordinator that start from 2017-01-01 to 2018-01-01 and executing actions for every day.

Normally it's materialize action for 2017-01-01 and goes on, but i want to the coordinator materialize and execute action for 2018-01-01 then, 2017-12-31 ...


Firstly I tried to set Start-date=2018-01-01 and End-date=2017-01-01 for Coordinator, but it won't accept cause start-date must be greater then end-date.


My second attemp is to set Execution=LIFO (oldest first), but Coordinator start to materialize from 2017-01-01 and materialization all actions for 365 day is too slow. So it is not as i wanted.



Ali Nadi