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Oozie shell action environment and .impalarc

I have an Oozie shell action that calls impala-shell and has been working fine.  I wanted to set some defaults in ~/.impalarc which works fine from the shell but doesn't seem to get applied during workflow execution.  When I look at the environment variable values in the shell action log it says:


. . .


. . .


. . .


USER looks right but I expect HOME to be either /home/$USER or /home/etl-user.


Does this influence where impala-shell looks for .impalarc when running under an Oozie shell action?


I was hoping to get this done by distributing my .impalarc to ~etl-user on all of the cluster nodes and not chenge the workflow definition but no joy.


The objective is to change the default --impalad=host:port argument to point at the Impala high availabilty proxy that we have set up.

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Re: Oozie shell action environment and .impalarc

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Neil, You could scp the .impalarc to the /home directory on all nodemanager nodes and make sure this was readable by all. Thanks, Robert Justice

Robert Justice, Technical Resolution Manager

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