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Right oozie for CDH 5.3.0 (PREP status for a very long time)



I'm using cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.3.0 and I'm having problems running java actions in oozie: They remain in PREP status for a very long time, and finally fail with the following error message:


"Call From quickstart.cloudera/ to localhost:8021 failed on connection exception: Connection refused; For more details see:"


I use the below file:





As far as I know, CDH 5.3 uses a YARN architecture, and no longer jobTracker is used. But then...


Which should be the right configuration ? or.. which should be the right property for 'jobTracker' ? 


Thank you very much in advance

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Re: Right oozie for CDH 5.3.0 (PREP status for a very long time)

Oozie can work with both MR1 and MR2 (YARN), though not at the same time.  The VM is configured for MR2 out of the box, but the examples that ship with Oozie target MR1.  You can point the example at MR2 by simply changing the "jobTracker" parameter from jobTracker=localhost:8021 (the JT) to jobTracker=localhost:8032 (the RM).  Even though it's called "jobTracker", Oozie will use MR2 if you point it at an RM.

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