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Urgent Help : Oozie coordinator using days,month,year

Can somebody quicky help me on the below scenario. file
Now the above syntax taking file it is taking to run the job every 5 minutes.

But the below thing is not happening for me. file

Error: Invalid coordinator application attributes, parameter [frequency] = [coord:minutes(5)] must have 5 bit fields. Parsing error For input string: "coord:minutes(5)"

Actually, the business logic is to pass the data from properties file and it should be in days/months/minutes and I am planning to use coord:days(),coord:month() etc
But it's not taking, the bottom line is our coordinator.xml/workflow.xml will not change it will run the same job but in diffrent ways by days, month and year.

Please help

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Re: Urgent Help : Oozie coordinator using days,month,year

The properties file will not accept such a syntax - what you're
specifying is an EL function that belongs only within the XML.

Perhaps, if dynamically is the need, you may be interested in using
the CRON syntax instead:


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