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Yarn.application.classpath issue in cloudera cdh4.4.0

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I have cloudera VM cdh4.4.0.


I am able to submit jobs with the yarn command but not with as a Java application.


The issue i faced is by default the yarn.application.classpath is set as


$HADOOP_CONF_DIR, $HADOOP_COMMON_HOME/share/hadoop/common/*, $HADOOP_COMMON_HOME/share/hadoop/common/lib/*, $HADOOP_HDFS_HOME/share/hadoop/hdfs/*, $HADOOP_HDFS_HOME/share/hadoop/hdfs/lib/*, $HADOOP_YARN_HOME/share/hadoop/yarn/*, $HADOOP_YARN_HOME/share/hadoop/yarn/lib/*


but with this classpath , after i submitted my job the container fails to start without any message e.g. classnotfounderror, it just silently fails and remove all the container logs with it.


By setting the yarn.application.classpath from yarn-site.xml from hadoop-yarn configuration it works.


Can you tell me what is the best way to set this classpath and if cloudera installation should create links so that the default classpath works?




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Re: Yarn.application.classpath issue in cloudera cdh4.4.0

Can you go into CM, and add "/etc/hadoop/conf" as the *very first* entry in
yarn.application.classpath? (You'll need to click on the plus sign an move
$HADOOP_CONF_DIR to the next slot. YARN restart is required.)