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can we pass Sqoop where clause parameters from oozie variables.?



I want to run sqoop command from oozie. I want to pass where clause parameters manually.


Is there a way to pass that arguments manually.?


I choose using oozie varibales. So, 


the command i have given in sqoop action is as below. 


import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/oozie --username=root --password=cloudera --table=OOZIE_SYS --target-dir=/user/cloudera/sqoop6 --m ${MAPPER} --where ${WHERE}


and added where as below in oozie varables. 


WHERE = "name='db.version'"


But, it does not seems to be working. I got error saying, 


unrecognized command. 


Is there a way to pause where cluase like this using variables.?