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"YARN Services" in CDH6



We were looking forward to experimenting with YARN Services but then realized that they were pushed from Hadoop 3.0 to 3.1 so they aren't in CDH6.0 (nor CDH6.1 from what I can tell).


Are there plans to move up CDH6.x to Hadoop 3.1 (or 3.2) or back-merge those features that were moved out of Hadoop 3.0 at the last minute?



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Re: "YARN Services" in CDH6

What kind of features are those? Thanks
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Re: "YARN Services" in CDH6 (and others) is "YARN Native Services" that I asked about - which brings inside Hadoop codebase.


The other thing we are curious about is "Allow HDFS block replicas to be provided by an external storage system"


The roadmap, that lists what was eventually moved to a later release, is here:


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