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yarn application always in pending



we now have a issue is our yarn application which running on cloudera platform  can not run over two applications.




I think the issue is due to the memory.


These two application use the all memory and the 3rd application can not start process


How can I set the memory size by cloudera management Web UI?

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Re: yarn application always in pending



the below link - will walk through in configuring Dynamic Resource pooling in Cloudera manager .

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Re: yarn application always in pending

This has to do with the YARN memory settings.  The amount of memory allocated to yarn is only 8 GB.  I don't know what the minimum container size is, probably around 1.3 G.  That combination of the two determine the amount of containers that can be launched.  The result of that for your cluster is 6 containers.  Anything beyond that will have to wait for resources to be freed up.