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Best way to import nested XML data into a hive table (explode XML arrays)

Hello experts!


I would like to create hive tables from nested XML files.


For simple XML files (without arrays) I am using Hive-XML-SerDe.



Example for arrays in XML:

<Header_name>Header Content</Header_name>
<record> <result>03.06.2009</result> <result>03.06.2010</result> <result>03.06.2011</result> </record>


 Best solution, which I know for array

result array<string>    



What I would like to have:

Header_name                      result

Header Content                   03.06.2009

Header Content                   03.06.2010

Header Content                   03.06.2011



I had a similar problem wirh JSON. Here it is possible in SELECT statements to open arrays with "explode".



LATERAL VIEW explode (column_name_with_array) AdTable as column_name_View


Maybe the simplest way is to create JSON files from XML files and then to import JSON files into Hive.


- Is it possible to explode XML arrays similar to JSON?






Best regards