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CDH 5.9.1 - Incorrect Result output on partitioned table, distinct operator

Hi everyone,


I'm seeing the following behavior when running some queries in CDH 5.9.1 (Note: I am _not_ the owner of the cluster, and I have 0 flexibility on which CDH version to use).


I have a simple partitioned table, with about 7 fields, using 3 of them for partitioning. One of those fields (used for partitioning) is "date", which is the date of certain exchanges that took place.


I want to see if I have anything stored in that table for specific dates. So I'm running the following query from beeline:


$> SELECT DISTINCT date FROM my_table WHERE date = "2016_12_15";


1 row selected ( 102.635 seconds )


Now, judging from this output, I assume that there is content for those dates. So, I issue the following query:


$> SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE date = "2016_12_15" LIMIT 5;

id  col2 col3 date

No rows selected (0.312 seconds)


Given the result of the 1st query I would expect to get some results back in the 2nd query, but as you can see this is not the case.


When I check the HDFS directly, issuing


$ hadoop fs -ls /mydb/my_table/date=2016_12_15

ls: `/mydb/my_table/date=2016_12_15': No such file or directory


I then take it a step further and issue the following:


$> SELECT DISTINCT "foo" FROM my_table WHERE date = "2016_12_15";


1 row selected ( 133.86 seconds )



As far as I can tell, this is buggy behavior and it's actually the first time that I come across it. I may have missed a documentation entry describing that behavior, so any pointers would be appreciated.


If I can do anything more to help resolve the issue, let me know.






What am I getting wrong?

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Re: CDH 5.9.1 - Incorrect Result output on partitioned table, distinct operator

what is the persmission on that folder in hdfs . chown and chmod .

are you having the right permission to read write excute .

which user are you using to excute  beeline cli