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Failed to add log to hive jar files.

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I'm using bundled hive (1.1.0) in CDH 5.12.1.


I need to investigate an issue that a session handle was closed unexpectly.


These are what I did:

1. Checkout the hive 1.1.0 source codes from the Hive community and add some logs

    in the SessionManager class

2. Build Hive jar files

3. Replace the /opt/cloudera/parcels/CHD/jars/hive-service-1.1.0-cdh5.12.1.jar with my hive-service-1.1.0.jar

4. Restart Hive in the CM web page

5. Rerun our test case


But I can't find our added log in the /var/log/hive/hadoop...HIVESERVER2*.log.out


Does anyone know which jar file should I replace?


We have only one hive server in our hadoop cluster


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Re: Failed to add log to hive jar files.

Did you update org/apache/hive/service/cli/session/SessionManager class?

How did you add the logs, maybe share the diff code?