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Hive Versions

Hi Team,


Is there any variation in datatype & command for the different version of Hive?


As I am unable to use VARCHAR(64), for Hadoop 2.0 CDH 4.3.0.



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Re: Hive Versions

From the documentation of Hive, VARCHAR data type was introduced in Hive 0.12.0.

CDH 4.3.0 is an old version of CDH and is based on Hive 0.10.0 I think.

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Re: Hive Versions

Hi Mathieu,


Thanks for the response.


My system configuration is Intel i3 Processor with 8GB RAM.


I have installed VMware Player & then add CDH 5.10 as a new virtual machine. But I am unable to find Cloudera Manager icon on the desktop. Could you please assist.


Thank you.