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Is Apache hive efficient for social network / instant messaging app?

We are developing an application for social network / instant messaging and we are using Postgres-XL in a high speed network including 2 nodes.


We expect to have millions of transactions from different severs, simultaneously from users that every transaction includes joint, relatively big, queries. Our problem with Postgres-XL right now is delays and slow transactions even in test levels.


We are investigating for an efficient RDBMS based on SQL (our plans are not compatible with noSQL) in order to overcome these time consuming transactions. Also we have no plans for data mining, and such activities are not our concern right now.


The question is if migration to hive can be a solution for our problem ?

If yes, how we should use hive ?

if no, do you have any suggestions for us ?


ps: I know the differences between OLTP (postgres-xl) and OLAP (Apache Hive)