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Issue when enabling SSL on Hive Server 2 configured to LDAP

Hello group,


I've been trying to authenticate our users to our Hadoop Cluster.  I'm in a (mostly) Windows environment connected to an Active Directory.  We're currently testing the setup on CDH 5.1.2 running in a CM managed env.  (running CM 5.1.2).


So far, I've managed to :


1-Connect HUE to the LDAP backend

2-Enable SSL for Hue (using a generated certificate for the host that was signed by our IT dept)

3-Connect Hive server 2 to the LDAP backend


But now, I'm stuck at enabling SSL for HS2.


What I've done :
1-Checked "Enable SSL for HiveServer" in the Service-Wide Security, that put "hive.sever2.enable.SSL" to true in the config

2-Set the appropriate path to the SSL Keystore (hive.server2.keystore.path)

3-Set the appropriate password to the SSL Keystore (hive.server2.keystore.password)

4-Imported my certificate in the key store using the keytool -import command

5-Restarted the services

6-In the advanced options of the ODBC driver on my windows machine, I added the correct path to my PEM format file containing my SSL CAs


Now, whenever I try to connect to the 10000 port using the ODBC driver (Cloudera Hive driver v2.5.10), I get the following error :
Client Side : Error from Hive: SSL_connect: sslv3 alert handshake failure.

Server Side : java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: no cipher suites in common


Any ideas what I missed?




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Re: Issue when enabling SSL on Hive Server 2 configured to LDAP

Turns out that the error was misleading.


The way I imported my certificate was wrong.  I needed to import the cert with the key!

see this link :