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JSON to hive table - displaying nulls



A Hive table (example: Table1) has a column ( column1) which is of struct type. This struct has a JSON-column which needs to converted to a hive table. ( JSON column data needs to be flattened and displayed in a hive view)


sample json




id : " "


column1 :




claim-number : "123"

claim-description : "test data"





The select query to display the json data is below


create view as


get_json_object(table1.column1.json-column, $.claim-number),

get_json_object(table1.column1.json-column, $.claim-description)

from table1


The result set is all null.


can you please suggest.






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Re: JSON to hive table - displaying nulls

Each JSON record must be on a single line (no new-line characters allowed).


A return of 'null' just means that Hive cannot parse the JSON as directed.