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ODBC Hive [Cloudera][ThriftExtension] (6)

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i am using Apache hive ODBC connectors with Authentication :UserName only

with dsn-less connection 


Below is my connect string when Authentication ;UserName only.


Driver=cloudera Hive ODBC Connector;;Port=10001;HiveServerType=2;AuthMech=2;ThriftTransport=SASL;Schema=my_datamart;UID=myid119;ssl=false


I get Below Error


[Cloudera][ThriftExtension] (2) Error occured during authentication.


i really appreciate your Suggestions and help.. 





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Re: ODBC Hive [Cloudera][ThriftExtension] (6)

Please enable trace logging on ODBC and examine the log for hints.

See user manual:

on how to enable trace logging for ODBC driver.