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hive table compaction

Havent found anything in cloudera on hive table compaction as described in


Has anyone tried this in CDH and any performance impact?

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Re: hive table compaction

This feature is not supported in CDH yet. We consider this feature is experimental, and incomplete (only works with ORC file format).

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Re: hive table compaction

Here's what the most recent version of the CDH Hive documentation says about this: "Transaction (ACID) Support in Hive The CDH distribution of Hive does not support transactions (HIVE-5317). Currently, transaction support in Hive is an experimental feature that only works with the ORC file format. Cloudera recommends using the Parquet file format, which works across many tools. Merge updates in Hive tables using existing functionality, including statements such as INSERT, INSERT OVERWRITE, and CREATE TABLE AS SELECT."
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Re: hive table compaction

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Any updates to this feature? Is it still experimental? what about parquet formats?