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jdbc connection url

I have a problem with jdbc connection url. User that has permission has changed so now this type of url




doesn't work. 

When I try to add user=newUser to the url, it won't work either.


How to solve this?

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Re: jdbc connection url

Hi MarsaPalas,


What is the error message?


It seems like you're trying to connect to HiveServer2. HS2's default port is 10000, but you added an extra 0 in your URL.


Also, you may want to try your question with the Hive experts on this forum:


This forum is for questions about Cloudera Manager.




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Re: jdbc connection url

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I thank you for your reply. The url I've wrote was just an example for description, I used the valid one.

Anyway, I found out that this is a bug in the current version of jdbc hive, and that the next version is going to fix this.