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kyro serialization exception hive 0.13 CDH 5.2.1


We are sporadically receiving these serialization errors when creating tables in Hive version 0.13 in CDH 5.2.1.  

"Error: java.lang.RuntimeException:​ption: Encountered unregistered class ID: 380"

‘ exception 'java.lang.RuntimeException(java.lang.RuntimeExcep​tion: Cannot serialize object)'


The ID of the unregistered class changes from run to run, but the exception is consistent.


We have attempted two changes to resolve this problem.

  1. Setting the value of the property hive.plan.serilaization.format to javaXML in the hive-site.xml file.
  2. Setting that value to kryo.

In the first case, failure was consistent and immediate.   Every create table statement failed immediately.     In the second case, the failures are still occurring, but not on a consistent basis.


Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?     Thank you in advance,