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Apache Kudu vs Cloudera Kudu

Hi All,


Is there any limitation or differences between Apache Kudu and Cloudera version?


I want to test it but I have an another Hadoop distribution based testing cluster, so I was wondering if Kudu version I can get from Apache is the exact same one.

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Re: Apache Kudu vs Cloudera Kudu

Hi Alp,

Yes, the project is called "Apache Kudu" and there is no longer any such
thing as "Cloudera Kudu". We donated the project to the Apache Software
Foundation last year and thus the naming should reflect that. If you see
references to 'Cloudera Kudu' anywhere, let us know and we'll be sure to
fix that.

Regarding the downloadable artifacts available from Cloudera, these are
indeed built from the upstream Apache repository. The Apache project itself
does not currently provide binaries, though if you were to build your own
binaries from source, that would have the same end result (modulo things
like RPM/Debian packaging which are related to the Cloudera distribution)