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Encounter error when creating range partition KUDU table

HI KUDU exports, When I tried to create range partition KUDU table according to the KUdu official documents, I encountered the following error. Note that creating hash partition is OK. do you have any idea? Thanks Shell version: Impala Shell v2.7.0-IMPALA_KUDU-cdh5 (10d4ebe) Server version: Impalad version 2.7.0-IMPALA_KUDU-cdh5 Create table xxx ..... DISTRIBUTE BY HASH(ID) INTO 3 BUCKETS, RANGE (MONTH) SPLIT ROWS ((2016-10), (2016-11)) STORED AS KUDU TBLPROPERTIES(....) ERROR: AnalysisException: Syntax error in line 16: RANGE(MONTH) SPLIT ROWS ((2016-10),(.... ^ Encountered: SPLIT Expected:( CAUSED BY: Exception: Syntax error
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Re: Encounter error when creating range partition KUDU table


Apologies that the docs don't correspond to the version you're using.

Try following the syntax described here:

The upcoming Impala 2.8 release with CDH 5.10 will unfortunately change
syntax again, but we'll also be sure that teh docs are accurate and
thorough, and that we won't break the syntax any more. Thanks for the