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Impala - Kudu timestamp support

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We're planing to run Impala queries on Kudu tables (from BI tools). The problem is that Kudu and Imapala timestamp types are not compatible. So we can not query Kudu via Impala

We've found in Imapala Jira Impala-3557 bug. But it's not clear when it's going to be fixed

For us this is a real blocker for using Kudu

Could you please shed some light on your plans regarding this bug?

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Re: Impala - Kudu timestamp support

There was a discussion on the Kudu slack channel ( that I'll summarise in case others have the same question.


It's a priority since we know a lot of people want to use Impala/Kudu for time-series workloads, etc. JD Cryans said "
I think we’d like to have it soon but no ETA."


The current workaround is to use a BIGINT column to store a unix timestamp value. It will be most efficient if it's just treated as an integer, but Impala provides from_unixtime() to convert the integer to a human-readable string.