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CDH (12 and 13) parcel list

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I am looking for an overview of the CDH 5.12.1 & 5.13 parcel and what is included in the base parcel package. Also if we need to add aditional services (like kafka, sqoop, flume etc) that are not included in the CDH where can i find the parcels ?


Where can i find something like this ?





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Re: CDH (12 and 13) parcel list

To find what's included in a CDH release, visit the 'CDH Version and Packaging Information' area of the documentation:

Specifically, to find what's in the 5.13.x and 5.12.x releases, visit the following links:


Kafka is currently not a part of the base CDH packaging, and is available as a separate parcel. Follow the Kafka doc. page for instructions on how to add it to your cluster:

Sqoop and Flume are included in CDH5 since its inception, and Kudu is included in CDH5 since 5.13.x (previously it was a separate parcel).