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CDH 5.7 - Why Hadoop / HDFS / MR2 / Yarn 2.6.0

I've just upgraded our cluster to CDH 5.7.0.


I then looked at the installed components list and noticed that Hadoop / HDFS / MR2 / Yarn is still in version 2.6.0.


- How come these ground components are old by now, with other platforms going 2.7.1 - 2.7.2 by now?


I saw the release notes, but is there a good reason why Cloudera stopped at 2.6.0 and put in a ton of bug fixes and other features of their own here,


I was wondering if this was a position that was taken because of problems with 2.7.x or perhaps Cloudera not being in agreement with the Apache development of the ground components?


Or maybe a deliberate decision just to focus more dev attention on Spark more than MR components?

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Re: CDH 5.7 - Why Hadoop / HDFS / MR2 / Yarn 2.6.0

I saw a CDH6-snapshot which still based on hadoop-2.6.0 recently.
If there is any roadmap we can refer to?
Actually HDP-2.4 has a hadoop-2.7.1 in it, but its hbase-1.1.2 lower then hbase-1.2.0 in CDH5.7.