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Cloudera manager and CDH upgrade paths



We have CDH 5.9.2 and CM 5.9.2 cloudera hadoop cluster. We want to do CDH and CM upgrade actually, but our cloudera enterprise license has been expired.We don't have internet connectivity to our servers, so need to get things downloaded first.


Can we still do the upgrade please? And We are planning to do upgrade from 5.9.2 to 5.12.2 CM upgrade first and then CDH 5.9.2 to CDH 5.12.2 upgrade.


Please suggest.




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Re: Cloudera manager and CDH upgrade paths

Hi Priya,


I was able to locate documentation on managing licenses in CDH 5.9.


Here is an excerpt:


License Expiration

When a Cloudera Enterprise license expires, the following occurs:
  • Cloudera Enterprise Enterprise Data Hub Edition Trial - Enterprise features are no longer available.
  • Cloudera Enterprise - Cloudera Manager Admin Console displays a banner indicating license expiration. Contact Cloudera Support to receive an updated license. In the meanwhile, all enterprise features will continue to be available.
To obtain a license you can contact sales.
I hope this helps


Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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