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HDFS-9259 and HDFS-8829 in CDH 5.8

There were two bug fixes: HDFS-9259 and HDFS-8829 included in CDH 5.7.2. We recently upgraded to 5.8.0 and these same bug fixes do not seem to be included in that release. I pulled down the source code and was able to confirm that the patches are not applied where I would have expected.


Were these pulled from 5.8.0 after existing in 5.7.2 or were these just missed somehow? Any idea if they will be included in a future version again?

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Re: HDFS-9259 and HDFS-8829 in CDH 5.8

These fixes will appear in CDH 5.8.2 onwards for 5.8.x series. They were pulled as bug-fixes into the branch after 5.8.0's cut. 5.7.2 has already seen the day, but 5.8.2 will arrive later.

Our current release schedules are parallel for each minor version level, which would explain this observance.