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Kerberos access to Cloudera from Mac

I want to access Cloudera Hadoop setup (HIVE + Impala) from Mac Book Pro OS X 10.8.4.


We have Cloudera CDH-4.3.0 installed on Linux servers. I have extracted CDH-4.2.0 tarball to my Mac Book Pro.


I have set proper configuration and Kerberos credentials so that HIVE shell starts up.


However when I do 'show databases' command it gives following error:


> hive

> show databases;


Failed with exception Can't get Master Kerberos principal for use as renewer


The error is related to TokenCache.


When I searched for error, it seems following method 'obtainTokensForNamenodesInternal' throws this error when it tries to get a delegation token for specific FS and fails.


On client side I don't see any error in HIVE shell logs.


Any help or pointers for resolving this error would be highly appreciated.




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Re: Kerberos access to Cloudera from Mac

can you able to access HDFS data on your mac using hadoop fs commands ?

you have a valid kerberos ticket for mac user to access HDFS data ?
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Re: Kerberos access to Cloudera from Mac

Did you run hive with the command "sudo -u hive hive -hiveconf hive.root.logger=INFO,console" ?

Maybe your hive user does not opened,edit the /etc/passwd file,it will be ok.