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Sqoop mysql connector jar

I'm trying to understand where the mysql-connector-java.jar under /usr/share/java is coming from during installation, since Hive and Oozie seems to be relying on that jar, while Sqoop seems to explicitly need copying the jar under /var/lib/sqoop. 


Is the jar shipped via CDH and if so is there any reason why Sqoop is not utilizing the jar like Hive and Oozie? Or is there any additional step during Sqoop installation that copies the jar to the required sqoop directory?




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Re: Sqoop mysql connector jar

Sqoop (i.e. Sqoop v1.x) is not a managed service, so the symlinking is not done by management tools such as Cloudera Manager for it. This could be better handled for Sqoop v2.x series, however, which follows a server-model.

The jar itself though, comes from an OS package, and you may run "yum info mysql-connector-java" to find more details on that. CDH services just rely on this to make the jar available, but cannot ship it inbuilt due to license restrictions of that jar from MySQL.