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Unable to Connect Twitter from Flume - Internet Connection Error

Hello Friends,


I have CDH 5.10 VM installed on my computer.


I have modified Network Adapter2 as Bridged and Adapter3 as Host-only, with promiscuous mode "Allow VM".
Now, after starting VM, when typing "nslookup" on terminal, it is showing below message.
Even I can ping that IP address successfully.


Non-authoritative answer:


But from fire-fox browser when I am trying to open , it is shwoing "Unable to connect".


Similarly, I am getting response for "nslookup" and able to ping that IP address.


But when trying to connect from Flume Twitter Source, it is showing "Unable to resolve address".


Please let me know how to resolve this problem so that from CDH VM I can access internet.


Thanking you